A look at the pioneering female fashion designers who paved the way for modern women’s fashion.

The 1960s and 1970s, when fashion designers started to get noticed for their work and the world was beginning to take notice of the trend, are known for being a time of tremendous growth for fashion and women’s culture.

The era was a golden era of fashion, with women’s clothing becoming more diverse and more colourful and it was a time when men were encouraged to be more independent.

Women began to embrace fashion as an extension of their identities, to express themselves, to create a sense of self-worth, to have a sense that they had something to prove.

As the 1960s wore on, it was clear that fashion was about more than the clothes.

It was also about the people who made the clothes and who were inspired by their style.

It is a story that is well told by Elizabeth Taylor in The Diary of a Teenage Girl, but we can also hear it in contemporary fashion with a few key women.

In this timeline, we will look at fashion, its history, and the women behind the designs.

The women behind a designIn 1960s fashion, women’s choices in clothing were largely dictated by the needs of the times.

There was a growing interest in fashion as a way of expressing self-expression, which was reflected in the style of the clothing.

As a result, there were many women designers who were more interested in creating something that would make people feel confident and cool, rather than in creating clothes that were trendy.

These women often took inspiration from other styles or trends, but were also keen to take inspiration from the past, as this was a crucial time in fashion history.

As Elizabeth Taylor wrote in her diary: The Diary is full of these ideas.

The clothes were all there, in their raw form, and all I had to do was make them look the way I wanted.

So, what inspired these women?

Elizabeth Taylor was a woman who was influenced by fashion and fashion designers from around the world.

She was particularly influenced by the style and ideas of French female fashion designer Marie-Laure Abrantes.

Marie-Laur Abrances and her French counterpart Marie-Christine LeBlanc were both inspired by the French fashion house, La Maison Abrance.

This was a fashion house that was heavily influenced by couture, as its products were often designed to look like couture.

These designs were also influenced by her experiences as a designer, including working with the French ambassador to the United States, Louis Pasteur.

Marie Abrante’s style was influenced heavily by the Parisian style, with her signature styles incorporating elements of the French and American fashion world, such as her signature striped skirts.

This inspired many other designers to design clothing in similar ways, including Jacqueline Kennedy and Jean Paul Gaultier.

Another inspiration for Marie Abrant was a certain period of time, a period that was considered to be the golden age of women’s and fashion.

This period saw the rise of the first feminist movements, such a the suffrage movement in America and the feminist movement in France.

The period of this golden era also saw the birth of the fashion industry, which saw a rise in sales and the rise in popularity of fashion.

In 1960, fashion had a very strong following, and women were increasingly taking pride in their appearance and dressing, and this continued until the 1960’s.

This is when a certain style of clothing became more prevalent.

In the 1960, women were beginning to wear more clothing that reflected their identity.

They were also beginning to dress more traditionally, with skirts and dresses, which helped to further express the feminine characteristics of the era.

However, this style of fashion was not completely exclusive to the female body.

It also had an impact on the male body, and influenced women’s style in ways that were not always positive.

The fashion designer and model known as Elisabeth Blanchard, who was responsible for creating the iconic 1960s outfits, was a great example of the influence that female designers were able to have on the men’s and the male fashion worlds.

The women’s styles became more feminine, which made them more popular.

Elisabeth was influenced in this way by the women’s suffrage and feminism movements.

She had been a fashion designer before, but she also worked in the fashion world.

In 1960, she worked for a couture company called Maison Blanchards, which created couture dresses, jackets and trousers for women.

These were very feminine, and Elisandre was inspired by these types of clothes.

Her style became more traditional, with more feminine features and more emphasis on the legs, while still featuring the usual patterns and colours.

She also incorporated a more feminine style with her clothes, with the style more towards a more traditional look.

This style of dress

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