A fashion festival in Florida is having a problem: female loafer shoes.

The festival, which took place in Orlando this past weekend, was attended by over 2,500 women.

But this year’s event was so popular, organizers are asking attendees to wear a “feminine” pair of women’s footwear.

“We’re just doing this to show that women don’t need to put in the effort and have to put their time and effort into it and have that impact on something like this,” said organizer Natalie Schmitt.

A dress code that bans women from wearing shoes in the middle of the dance floor will be enforced, which has some women wondering how they’ll feel if their shoes are accidentally thrown into the middle.

“If I go up to the floor and my shoes fall into the dancefloor, then I’m really not going to feel like I’ve accomplished anything,” said one attendee.

“I feel like that’s a really big no-no,” said another.

Some women say it’s time for change in the industry.

“We need to bring back the dress code.

We need to start changing the industry and we need to make women more comfortable, not less,” said Nicole Boudreaux, a fashion and fashion marketing professor at the University of North Carolina.

Schmitt said women who are attending the festival are “a special group of women that have done this for so long and we have a lot of respect for them, so I think it’s a big deal to us to be a part of this.”

Some women are worried the rule will have an impact on the festival, especially women of color.

“This has been a long-term problem and it’s kind of going to be really hard to change it,” said Stephanie Johnson, a designer from New York City.

Women of color will be required to wear dresses and skirts, which will be allowed only on the dance floors.

“Women of all shapes and sizes will be in full dress-up, but we are asking that women of all sizes, all different types, have the same opportunity,” Schmitt said.

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