A woman who saved her own and her two young children from drowning in the Pacific Ocean lost her battle to live.

Tristan Waddington, 32, said the ordeal began on April 12, when she was on her way home from a local shop when she saw a distressed looking man who appeared to be having trouble swimming.

“He’s just got a few little bubbles in his head and he’s looking at me, his eyes are really red,” she said.

“I thought he might be swimming out of the water and I didn’t know what to do.”

“I was really scared, I didn`t know if he was OK or not.”

Mr Waddingham said he could see the water was clear and the sun was setting, so he jumped into the water to help him.

“There was nothing I could do, I just jumped in and I swam my hands into the air, and then I got up,” he said.

Terrified Mr Waddingsons daughter was at home in the house and his wife, a retired nurse, was also in the water.

The family was rescued by the sea, and Mr Waddy said he was able to reach his wife to try to help.

“My wife is standing there with a big smile on her face, saying, ‘Dad, Dad, I`m ok’,” he said, explaining that he was overcome with emotion.

“So I’m just thinking, what am I doing?

I`ve got to get back to my wife.

I just want to get to her, and I’m thinking about my wife.”

Mr J Waddigan said his wife and daughter were both wearing lifejackets when he jumped in.

“She`s still holding onto the lifejacket and she`s saying, `Dad, dad, I can`t get out,'” he said of the man.

“As soon as I saw him in the sea I thought, `What am I going to do?””

She had a really hard time, it was very scary.

I mean, it really scared me, and it was pretty dark out.

“Mr H Waddahan said he and his family had spent the previous week in the area, but the last two days he had been working on the family farm, and he had to get up early in the morning to take the family to their jobs.”

We were in there about 4.15am, we were there about 2.30pm, and by about 6:00pm, the whole time we`ve been there, we haven`t seen them, we`re not even sure they`re there,” he added.”

They`re missing for about a week, it`s been really tough.

“Mr M Waddgan said he thought the man might have drowned because of the cold and the water temperature.”

At the moment it was still too early to say if he`d been rescued, he was swimming in a really big wave, so we didn`ve seen him in water before,” he told ABC News Breakfast.”

But he`s a pretty good swimmer, so I don`t think he`ll have been in a good situation.

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