By Lauren M. BohnBy Lauren M., April 13, 2020 10:19:21Some fashion brands are losing their male consumers, at least in the United States.

But the biggest blow to male fashion and the way women look at fashion comes from a different direction.

In an age of rising inequality, there’s been a growing trend among the female fashion industry to shift to a new kind of fashion: one that embraces feminine beauty.

“The market for feminine fashion has grown tremendously over the last 10 years, but it has become more and more difficult for men to buy and wear feminine clothing,” says Katherine G. Kline, author of “The Female Fashion Industry.”

Kline is a professor of marketing at Rutgers University and a frequent contributor to Women’s Wear Daily.

She says it’s clear to her that many male fashion brands have taken the “feminine” approach, which is to sell women’s clothing as part of a lifestyle, rather than as a means of enhancing one’s appearance.

When it comes to the way the fashion industry views women, the answer has to be changing, Kline says.

It’s a shift that is taking place across the globe.

Kline says the trend began in Asia and the United Kingdom and is now spreading.

The trend began to grow in Europe, where female designers and designers have been gaining ground in fashion.

In the U.S., the trend has been especially visible in the men’s department store industry.

Men’s fashion has long been dominated by traditional men’s items.

Women’s fashion is dominated by designers and men’s apparel companies that sell women-specific products.

The fashion industry is shifting toward feminine clothing, which has a strong female following, Klines says.

“The feminine fashion movement has been a very strong phenomenon, in terms of the impact it has on the market and on women’s perceptions of fashion,” she says.

It is important to note, however, that women’s fashion products have traditionally been designed to appeal to women and to men, not just to men.

Female designers have always sold more feminine clothing than men’s, says Kline.

And that’s changing.

The most notable trend in the U, and possibly the world, in the last decade has been the emergence of women’s accessories and accessories that sell for men’s and women’s brands.

The trends have been in the clothing, but also in the jewelry and the accessories.

The trend has also become a trend in women’s footwear.

And, finally, it’s a trend among men’s clothing brands.

Men’s clothing has always been a strong and significant market for women.

It’s been in a way, I would argue, the strongest market for men in terms a demographic, Kliesl says.

And it’s in that market that the fashion industries have had a hard time finding the right people to design clothing for men, Klesl says, which was one of the reasons the industry is losing men’s fashion and is changing.

In the past, men were the ones who were designing clothes for women and women were the people who were purchasing the clothes.

But women have become more open to buying clothes that are designed for them.

That has led to a change in the way men are buying and wearing clothes, Kelsl says: “In the last few years, men are increasingly buying clothes designed for women.”

There are several reasons why this trend is happening, she says, but one of them is that men are starting to buy more clothing.

There are many men’s brands that sell men’s clothes, including men’s accessories, and men are getting into the women’s department stores, Klsl says — which is a very good thing.

Klsingl says it is also helping to push men’s wear sales up.

And, as the trend spreads, women’s apparel is going to become a much bigger part of the market, Klinsl says and, hopefully, women will continue to have a bigger market share.

“Women are really starting to see more of the beauty in this new fashion, and that’s really a really good thing,” Klsall says.

Klesla’s research shows that women are the most enthusiastic shoppers, and when they see a product that is feminine, they’re more likely to buy it.

Women are also buying men’s jewelry, Kslsl explains.

And men are really buying men, too.

“Men are increasingly taking the ‘feminine’ approach to buying men,” Kelsalls says.

“And, more and less women are buying men-only men’s watches, women are taking the femininity of men’s men’s watch, and so on.”

Men are also taking the “strong, masculine” approach to wearing men’s outerwear, KLSl says when it comes in the realm of men.

“I think that’s a good thing, that’s just a good trend.” But Klss

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