In 1905, as a journalist working for the New York Times, I became the first woman to cover the Great Exhibition of the International Exhibition of Modern Art in New York.

At the time, there were few women to cover fashion in the United States, but in 1905, it was a rarity to see an exhibition like this with such diversity of women. 

The exhibition’s opening in 1901 marked the beginning of a new era for the women’s fashion industry in the U.S. In the years that followed, the exhibition featured an array of couture pieces for the female fashion public, including the first-ever couture gown for women, the first headscarf, and the first women’s handbag.

The exhibition’s most notable designer, Anna Maria Rizzoli, was the first to introduce the term “women’s fashion” to the American public, and she was also the first fashion designer to incorporate the term into her own name.

In 1906, the New Republic named Rizzolises most influential woman in the country and named her “first woman in fashion.”

In 1909, the National Society of Woman Suffrage leaders voted to formally recognize women as a full-fledged category of Americans.

The fashion industry was poised to continue to advance in the coming decades. 

As a result, it’s easy to forget how many women made it to the top of fashion. 

In 1909, there are only about 5,000 women who have been inducted into the National Fashion Hall of Fame.

Today, there is only one woman, Barbara Streisand, who is the longest-reigning fashion icon.

And, the number of women entering fashion-related professions has been declining. 

Although it’s true that many women today don’t have the same career choices as their male counterparts, they still make a significant impact in shaping fashion trends and making a lasting mark on American culture. 

 Today, many of the top women in fashion still live in the suburbs of major cities, and many of them still work as retail sales assistants, but for many women, they are no longer the primary face of the fashion industry. 

“It is interesting to see women’s work and fashion continue to flourish and evolve as a whole,” said Ms. Streisands daughter, Jennifer Rizzolini.

“In some ways, women’s creative output and influence is even more important than men’s because they are more directly influenced by their work and are not just influencing other people, but their own selves.”

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