There’s no denying that cat-eye sunglasses are the hottest item in fashion right now, and that is no accident.

Fashion blogger, designer, and fashion designer Emily Yoffe says cats are always on the mind of many designers and fashion consumers.

Yoffes’ advice is simple: Choose a cat-shaped style.

And if you’re a fashion novice, don’t be afraid to experiment with eye-catching looks.

“Try a little bit of everything,” she said.

“The more you can incorporate cat-eyes in your looks, the better.”

For Yoffs inspiration, Yoffet points to cats that are “beautiful, fluffy, and just very playful,” and then adds: “And then there are cats that look really cute with sunglasses on.”

Here’s how to style your cat’s glasses: Put on your cat eyes, a cat face mask, and some sunglasses.

“This is what my cats like to do,” Yoffen said.

Start with a classic look: sunglasses with a cat eye, and then add a bit of glitter to it.

“They love glitter,” she added.

Then add more eyeliner and mascara.

Make sure to wear a long cat nose cap, and a cat paw print to make it look more cat-like.

If you’re unsure of how to get your cat to wear glasses, you can do it yourself: Take the cat out of its crate, and place it on a shelf with other pets.

Put the glasses on the shelf, and your cat will start to wear them on its own.

“It’ll do the same thing,” Yonfe said.

You can also try this on your dog.

“Dogs really like to wear cat glasses, so try to find one that fits your dog, especially if it’s a smaller dog,” she explained.

“Make sure it’s not too big, but the size should fit perfectly.”

“You can put it on the nose and then put the cat ears on it and wear the glasses around the ears,” Yofe added.

You could even try the glasses as a cat ears mask.

“I’ve seen cats wear glasses with cat ears, so that was really fun,” Yoonce said.

The cat’s eyes will be covered in glitter.

“You’ll see them looking in the mirror and then they’ll get really happy and they’ll laugh,” she suggested.

But don’t let them forget to wear sunglasses.

You might not be able to see the cat’s face, but it will still be wearing sunglasses.

Keep the glasses off your eyes, and leave the cat on a table to see if it likes the glasses.

Yooncese suggested you keep your cat out in the yard, or even a room, as long as you can.

“Cats really like being out in nature, and they’re not very picky about things like where they’re allowed to be,” she stressed.

“When you walk up to a cat, it will immediately put on the sunglasses.”

And then, with that, you’ve just created the perfect Halloween costume for your cat.

“Do this as much as you possibly can,” Yong said.

She said it’s important to keep your eyes peeled for cat-themed looks.

And you should never try to wear it as a Halloween costume.

“No one wants to go to a Halloween party wearing sunglasses,” Yonede said.

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