The trend for female fashion is growing, according to hipster designer Hannah Saretsky.

The designer told that there are two different styles of hipster attire: the trendy ones that are in trend now and the more conservative ones that will be out there for a long time.

“The hipster look is not just a fashion trend, it’s about the way people look at themselves and how they want to express themselves, she said.”

It’s the way they are comfortable wearing their hair and the way their clothing fits.”‘

A lot of hipsters are just doing what they love and not worrying about what other people are doing’The fashionista said that the hipsters “do their own thing”.”

The majority of them are just not worried about what everyone else is doing, they’re just doing their own things,” she said of the fashionista community.”

They’re not worried what other hipsters or fashionistas are doing, because they know they’re doing their thing and they’re comfortable doing it.””

They don’t know what’s going to come next, what’s next trend, what is going to become the next thing.

They just want to keep doing what makes them happy.

“The designer also said that “the more hipster you are, the more cool you are”.”

I think it’s because we’re not going to stop wearing the same clothes, it will always be the same,” she explained.”

A lot, if not all, of hipstering people are just going to be doing what you love and it’s going be cool.

“Hannah Saretson is a fashion designer based in Melbourne.


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