We’re heading into a new decade with fashion, with a new wave of edwards emerging, and a new era in the industry’s history.

This will be the year that the women’s fashion industry takes a major leap forward, with more female designers, more edwards, more women at the helm.

This year’s female fashion designer is Edith O’Neill, who will join the Edith James Design Group. 

Her work is an ode to her grandfather and an homage to fashion history, the latter being an era when women’s wear was more prominent. 

“I grew up on the family business, which was my family business,” Ms O’Neil told Business Insider.

The family business grew out of her father’s sewing business, and she had grown up around it. “

It’s a lot of people’s favourite period of history and a lot that I wanted to share with people.”

The family business grew out of her father’s sewing business, and she had grown up around it.

“It’s been a family business for over 100 years,” she said.

“The family business is what I grew up around, so it was an ideal opportunity to start a fashion brand.”

Ms O-Neill’s brand is known for its high-fashion look, with bold prints and bright colours, but it’s also very much about the everyday.

“People love the everyday,” she explained.

“They think it’s a fun look, and it’s very practical, which is why we love that.”

The design team behind Edith’s designs will be based in Melbourne, and will feature an emphasis on fashion that is timeless and functional.

“There’s no fad, no trend,” she noted.

“What you’re seeing is a design that has been done over the years, and there’s something timeless about it.

It’s timeless.

It works.”

This is not to say that the brand is completely made up of women.

“We’ve been very much a family brand, with the main focus being on fashion for women,” she continued.

“So there will be a very strong focus on the fashion of the women that we work with, and the women themselves.”

For the first time, a women’s collection will be on display at the Royal Melbourne Show, with designer Kate Jones being named the official head of the collection.

In addition to a range of products for women, there are also plans to introduce a women-specific range of footwear, in a bid to provide a more inclusive look for all women.

This is a major shift for the fashion industry.

“For women, the fashion is very much still dominated by men,” Ms Jones said.

As for her plans to be a part of the fashion, Ms OJ will take a more relaxed approach to it.

“I’m definitely looking forward to it, it’s such a big shift, and I’m so excited to be part of it,” she told Business Ink.

“This is going to be the first big shift for women in fashion for many years, so I’m looking forward.”

Edith is also working on a collection for a women named Chloe, which will feature high-end shoes, as well as an assortment of dresses and accessories.

“She’s one of the few designers that have made her own designs and designs in a very modern way,” Ms James said.

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