Fashion designer Efraim Elad, who is expected to become the first woman in Israel’s history to win the prestigious Efroim Eladel prize for fashion design, is expected on Thursday to be crowned as the world’s first female fashion designer.

Efraem Elad will become the new world’s best-dressed woman.

Elad won the inaugural Eladel Prize for female fashion design in November.

She will receive the award at a ceremony on Thursday at the Herzliya Fashion Museum in Israel.

The event will be broadcast live on Israeli television.

The award is the highest honor given by the Herzliah Fashion Museum to a female fashion professional, and is the third-highest in Israel, behind only the Herzlis Fine Arts and Fine Arts Center in Jerusalem and the Fine Arts Foundation of Herzliyah.

Eladia’s career was also highlighted by a video she made of herself during the annual Elad Women’s Day Parade in Jerusalem in October.

She was named to the World’s Best Female Designer List by the prestigious Paris-based Designers’ International Association in December.

In December, she was awarded the Elad Woman of the Year award.

“The fact that Elad has already won the award is a wonderful sign of our world-class talent in the field of female fashion,” said Elad in a statement, according to a report by the Associated Press.

“The honor of being the first female designer in the world is a dream come true for me and my family.

I’m so grateful for the support from all around the world.”

Efroima Elad.

(AP photo)In January, the Tel Aviv University graduate was awarded a prestigious prize by the National Foundation for the Arts and Sciences, the country’s top honor for cultural and artistic works, for her work in creating a “modern and modernist” fashion for women.

Her mother, who was also named to that prestigious list, told the AP that Eladi is the first person in the entire world to receive the Efrodel Prize for fashion.

The prize, which is named for the Hebrew word for “fashion,” is awarded annually to the most outstanding female designers and designers for their innovative contributions to design.

The Efruim Eladal award was established in the late 1970s to encourage female designers to make it big in the fashion industry.

Its first recipient was Dora Novello, the legendary fashion designer whose work inspired the modern era of fashion.

Novello was born in Vienna, Austria, and died in 1977.

Eladel, who graduated from Tel Aviv’s Herzliyya High School of Design in 2011, will receive her second Eladel award on Thursday.

Her win also comes at a time when the Israeli fashion industry is undergoing a major shift toward the more conservative, and less conservative, look.

The trend has begun in the United States, where the popularity of women-focused designs has become a trend, particularly in the retail and lifestyle space.

In Israel, the new trend has also been particularly evident in fashion, with the fashion sector having a significant influence on the development of a female-dominated fashion industry, especially in the public eye.

The Israeli government has long been a major backer of female-owned fashion, funding and promoting female designers, fashion companies and boutiques.

In 2012, the government passed the law allowing for female-run fashion companies, which includes women-owned boutiques and the clothing sector, to operate without government interference.

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