A classy evening with your friends or at a party is all about elegance, sophistication and style, says Shreya Bhatti, an editor at Fashionista magazine.

The magazine recently ran an interview with Shreiya, who is a fashion designer and editor at the magazine.

Shreya was asked about her favourite women’s fashion.

“I have two favourites: Kelli [Miley Cyrus], and Kaya [Katy Perry].

I don’t really see much difference between them.

You can choose your own style, but if you want to dress like a celebrity, it’s fine,” she says.

“You can be very classy if you like, but I don and I don, and I would never be,” she adds.

Shreeya, who grew up in the Mumbai suburb of Alipore, says she looks for a “sexy” look, with bright colours, bold prints and bright jewellery.

“If you wear a little bit of colour in your outfit, you will be looked at like you are crazy, she says, adding that a classy look can also be a statement.

Shreyya, a Mumbai-based fashion designer, is also a fashion journalist and editor.

In her magazine, she has been writing a column about fashion trends and fashion trends.

She has also published her own fashion blog, which is available at chiccasual.com.

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