Ellen Page became an international fashion icon with her daring and rebellious style in the 1930’s.

A young woman who had already worn heels and short skirts to school and the offices of men, she became a fashion icon.

She was also a fierce critic of society.

Page was one of the first to wear the hijab, which covers the hair and face, and wore the black leather miniskirt and black silk jacket that was considered to be “modest and fashionable.”

Her outspoken criticism of the way things were done in her hometown, Chicago, caused the city to enact a ban on women in the 1920s and 1930s.

She took the public’s ire with her and started her own magazine, Harper’s Bazaar.

She also had an influence on the fashion world.

While she was known for her unconventional looks, Page also had a reputation as an outspoken feminist and anti-racist activist.

In the 1940s, she wrote a book, A Woman’s Work: A Feminist Manifesto, that laid out her views on race, gender, sexuality and other social issues.

It was the first feminist manifesto to be published in English and was translated into 28 languages.

This book was considered a blueprint for future feminists.

It became a standard text for those fighting against racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia.

In her book, Page said: There is nothing inherently wrong with men in a woman’s body, and women have the right to wear whatever they choose.

And it is not the man’s business whether he wears a certain dress, or whether he goes to the gym or whether they sit in a restaurant.

He has no right to be in charge of what a woman wears.

In his book, she also said: It is not that we are inferior in a physical sense, but that we do not belong to the social group that is best equipped to control and govern our lives.

She called women the “sisters of man,” but she also spoke out against the racism and oppression that women experienced in the United States.

After the publication of A Woman

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