JAPANESE fashion industry is booming, with some of the country’s top designers, photographers and models being arrested in the wake of the deadly rampage of a Japanese student in the country, a government report said Monday.

Police detained 22-year-old Kyoichi Kato, who was shot dead in front of his mother and grandmother at a suburban Tokyo apartment in the past two days.

His mother, a teacher, was killed when her car was rammed by a group of masked assailants in the city of Tokyo on July 16.

Kato, a fashion designer, also had been working for two years at the iconic Japanese fashion brand H&M, a company spokesman told Reuters.

A police official told Reuters he was arrested on Saturday for failing to pay fines, but police did not elaborate.

H&M did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

A spokeswoman for the countrys justice ministry said that while Kato was “a respected designer, he was not a criminal,” and that he had been suspended from H&Ms staff.

She declined to say whether Kato had an attorney.

The shooting of Kato came amid a spike in violence in Japan and the rise of right-wing nationalist groups and right-leaning politicians.

In January, a group linked to Japan’s nationalist movement of the late 1980s and 1990s stormed a mall in the western Japanese city of Osaka, killing 12 people, including a pregnant woman.

That incident, which came just a week after a Japanese police officer was killed by a right-winger in Tokyo, raised questions about whether the country has a high crime rate.

Japan has also been hit by a series of violent attacks that have killed more than 200 people, mostly in retaliation for perceived perceived political and social discrimination.

Last week, a 28-year old Japanese man died after he was stabbed to death in his apartment in Tokyo’s Shibuya neighborhood.

The assailant was identified as a self-described right-arm thug who had previously been convicted of assault and robbery in Japan.

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