A feminist icon has been credited with changing the way many women dress.

The Hill has obtained video footage from the 1960s that shows Gloria Steinem speaking about the importance of the right to choose.

Steinem is widely credited with sparking a new generation of feminists and giving them a voice, especially in the workplace.

But a documentary by the same name on the life of Gloria Steiner in 2016 reveals some of her most important lessons as a feminist leader and campaigner.

“I was a revolutionary in the 1960’s.

That was when I was working in the public sector,” Steinem told the filmmaker in a 2016 interview.”

When I started out in the United States, I was a socialist, I had to fight for women’s rights, the right of women to vote, to have an education and to own property.

I had a vision for the world and I believed that what was important was that women have the right not to have their life threatened by men, but that they also had the right and the obligation to work, to contribute to the world.”

The first woman to run for president was a feminist iconThe documentary shows Steinem saying that while she was working to change the world, she was also a feminist.

“It was not a matter of trying to do it by doing things, it was a matter that I was doing it for myself,” Steiner said.

“And I wanted to work for myself and my children, and I wanted my children to work.”

She was also working to empower women in the labor force.

“So I was fighting for women to have the ability to join the workforce, to be paid, to vote,” she said.

“I wanted to fight against wage discrimination.

I was the first woman in the history of the United State to be elected president.

I think it was in 1965 that I got that opportunity to run and win the Democratic nomination.”

That was a time when women’s suffrage was the most important issue in American politics.

I believe it was when the rights of women were being fought that the first women’s liberation movement really took off.

“Steinem’s activism for women in her own time helped her to become a global celebrity.

Her memoir, My Life, My Choice, was published in 1976.

The following year, she became the first person to win a Nobel Prize for Literature.

In 1981, she and her husband, William, founded the Gloria Steine Politics Institute, which later became a think tank.

In 2017, she died at age 85.”

You know, it is an amazing privilege to have this platform to speak on women’s issues and to talk about women’s freedom, and women’s ability to work,” Steining said.

Steiner was born Gloria Steinberg in 1924 in New York City.

She was raised Jewish and had a Jewish mother.

Her father was a civil rights activist.”

My father had been a teacher, and when he died he gave me a job teaching history and English, and he taught me the history, and the history is about how women were treated in the world,” Steine said.

She later went on to become an academic and writer.

Steinberg became an activist for women, women’s health and equality.

In 1969, she wrote The Vagina Monologues, a memoir that detailed her experiences of rape and domestic violence.

Steiner was an outspoken advocate for reproductive rights and the rights for women and girls.”

If I had been in a position of power, if I had felt like I had the power to say what I felt, that I wanted, that was the day that I became a feminist,” Steini said.

The Steinem documentary reveals that Steinem’s most important advice to young women is to take the time to educate themselves about their rights and responsibilities.”

We are going to need more women in leadership positions,” Steiners daughter, Julie Steiner, said.

Julie Steiner is a professor of sociology at the University of California, Irvine and author of Women and the Future of Feminism.

The documentary reveals her mother’s important role in Steinems life and career.

Julia Steiner worked as a professor and a board member at the Women’s Leadership Network, a women’s political advocacy organization.

She also chaired the organization’s board of directors.”

Julia was a very active member of our community, she worked with women in various sectors, she also helped us develop our policy platform,” Julie Steiners mother, Julie, told The Hill.”

She was very passionate about working on behalf of women in a way that would be constructive and positive for all of us, and she did so with a lot of help from her husband.

I know that she is very proud of her husband.

“Julie and Gloria Steiners daughters, Caroline and Jessica, were active in the Gloria’s organization.

Juliet Steiner also taught at the women’s center at UC Irvine.

She said she had the opportunity to become part of the Gloria group.”

They were very

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