Female professors at a university in Dublin are in a fashion sketch after being featured in a magazine article.

Female professors at an Irish university have been featured in an Irish magazine article which says female professors are not a rarity in the sciences.

They are not even on the top 10 most influential female scientists in the world according to a survey by the Association for Women in Science.

They also don’t get a seat at the top tables of the Nobel Prizes, according to the same survey.

But they do have their work cut out for them.

They must compete with men and women who make up the best-paid scientists in society and the most successful female scientists.

They have to go toe-to-toe with scientists who have a lot of money.

Female scientists also must face competition from a male-dominated field of science called chemistry, according the report.

They don’t even get a sit-down with Nobel Prize winners.

The female scientists who appeared in the magazine have made it to the front pages of major newspapers in the United States and in Canada, but not in Ireland.

Some of the women are working on the next big breakthroughs in technology, while others are focusing on getting ahead of the competition.

Female faculty at the University of Strabane are also featured in the article.

The article was written by Professor Mary O’Connor and was published in the journal Science magazine in December.

It also featured a female researcher named Heather McCauley, who works in the laboratory of Professor Mary Collins, who has also been at the university for almost 30 years.

The title of the article said: “The female professor who has changed the way the world looks at the world”.

The article has been shared thousands of times on Facebook and Twitter.

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