By Associated Press reporter Rishabh Kumar,IndiaToday.comThe trend has caught the attention of Indian fashion experts.

The trend, which is called Black Female Fashion, is a way for women to dress in a more conservative and traditional way.

It’s the latest fashion trend to hit the country.

The style has a history in India and is often used by women of colour to look more traditional.

The term “black female” was coined by fashion designer Shashi Verma, who also wrote about it on Twitter.

The word “black” is not a derogatory term, he said.

“It is a fashion word used by a woman of colour.

I’m not sure if black women’s fashion has been around since the 1800s or if it was coined in the 20th century.

It was coined for women of color in India.

The Black Female fashion trend started with an Indian woman, Shashi.

She said that she started it in 2009 when she was trying to create a new look for herself,” said Shashi, who is a professional designer and stylist.

Shashi said she used the word “Black” because of her own experiences as a black woman and as an African woman.

“It’s my style and it is my identity, and I do not want to be pigeonholed as just a black female,” she said.

Black female fashion is popular in India with women of different races and classes and has become more prevalent in recent years.

Black women are more visible in the fashion industry and they are more likely to wear expensive brands and expensive fabrics.

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