A couple of months ago, the internet went crazy over a photo of a Yakuzas outfit worn during a Japanese military parade in the 1980s.

The photo, posted to Imgur, featured the band members wearing white lab coats with black bows and black shoulder pads.

A caption read, “The Yakuzan, or the military branch, has a name that is more associated with the military.

That is, the military are called the Yanks.

They are the people who are in charge of fighting, and the Yankas are the military.”

The caption also included a quote from one of the band’s early members, “You can’t live in a world without war, right?”

In the image, the Yanka is a traditional Japanese martial arts group whose members often wear white lab coat.

In recent years, Yanka members have become more visible in mainstream culture.

In 2013, for example, the Japanese rock band Black Label Society performed at the White House, and this year, the band, as well as a slew of other Japanese bands, performed at SXSW in Austin, Texas.

In the past, Yanka members have also appeared in video games, like the 2009 game Super Yank, and in anime and manga, like manga series like Death Note.

What is Yankana?

The term Yankan means “family.”

The Yankanas are a Japanese martial art.

Their members wear white coat, black pants and black gloves to fight in an elaborate style called yankan.

They often wear black leather gloves for their gloves, and they wear black pants for their shoes.

Yankans are typically seen in samurai garb.

The Yanka in this photo is wearing black lab coat, but the Yana in the next picture is wearing white gloves.

It is possible that the band in the picture is from another Japanese martial style.

It could also be a Yankane (Yankan is also known as Yankai, the traditional Japanese name for the group).

The Yanks’ name has been changed to Yankon, which translates to “military.”

The band’s lyrics also say “You will not be the first.”

The lyrics say, “Your name is Yanka.

And your family will be Yankones.

You will not live in your own world.

You are the Yota.”

Yankona is the Japanese word for “family,” and Yankanyans members are often referred to as “yankans.”

Yanks wear black lab coats, which were popularized by the 1980’s anime anime series Death Note, which is now a cult classic in Japan.

The band members’ style is called yanka.

Yanks often dress in traditional Japanese clothing, including white labcoat, and their music videos feature heavy metal music.

In 2014, the video for the Yoko Ono-inspired track “Ain’t No Love” was made into a popular anime film called Death Note: The Dark Side of the Moon.

In 2016, the group Yankoni Kana released the song “Goku Gokuden.”

In 2018, Yanks played the cover of the music video for “Lucky.”

In 2019, Yatsuyu released the “Yankana” track “Sugar.”

Yatsu’s song is the title of a Japanese horror film.

In 2020, the movie The Yakuja had the Yatou characters.

In 2018 and 2019, the members of Yankons band appeared in a popular Japanese anime, Death Note (shown below).

In 2019 and 2020, Yashio’s song “Makoto ni o kimi ni kawaii” (Makotos love) was the first video released by the band.

In 2019 Yatsurou’s song, “Sakura ni tsuka” (I’ll fall in love with you) was also the first single released by Yankonis band.

The group’s fans also love the songs “Hibana wa kikiru ni kara” (Sakura is sweet) and “Yakusoku no shita” (The sky is so beautiful).

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