The female fashion magazine Disco Fashion, published in 2000s by Elle magazine, features some of the fashion’s biggest stars, including models and stars in the fashion world.

In an exclusive interview with TIME, Elle Fashion editor Stephanie Caulfield spoke about the magazine’s success.

“In the 2000s, the style magazine that was very popular was called Dapper Dinks, which was kind of a nod to the 1960s and 1970s,” she said.

“Dapper Dicks was an era of glamour, glamour with an element of glamorism, but the style was also about expressing femininity, and so I thought that was a really important element of the magazine that would have relevance for the future.”

In addition to featuring models, Dapper Danks was also a magazine for people in the entertainment industry.

“The first issue was actually published in 1997,” Caulfields said.

In 2002, Dappers Magazine launched in an effort to promote the magazine and its star models.

In 2013, the magazine was launched again, this time with a different theme, but this time for the fashion industry.

“Dapper Dankins was an inspiration for us because it was a fashion magazine that focused on fashion and fashion was about empowerment,” Caufield said.

Dapper dinks featured models and celebrities in the most beautiful fashion possible, with an emphasis on the feminine, Caulfords said.

Dapper deeks also had an interesting look to it.

“We decided to create this really beautiful, sexy, sexy look, with this idea that you wanted to be sexy,” Causonfield said, “because I think that’s what people look for in a magazine.”

For years, the Dapper Daniks team, Caufields and their designers kept a low profile and focused on promoting Dapper Dana, a brand they were passionate about.

In the 1990s, Dapdadans clothing line was launched and featured models in the style of the era, Causons said.

Today, Dappedadans has grown into a fashion line that features celebrities from the fashion and music worlds, Caelin said.

“The brand was really important for us, it was important for our customers, it became a cultural thing, it created an identity for the brand, so it was very important for the team to have that,” she added.

The DapperDanks team also was responsible for creating a “gender neutral” fashion line.

“When you see what is being represented in this magazine, what it’s all about, what you are seeing is a representation of the women in our industry,” Caux said.

The brand also has a focus on empowering women, inclusivity and respect for others, Caux added.

“We had to create a product that was not only a feminine, beautiful product, but a product with a message that reflected our brand,” Caudron said.

The brand also had a big influence on fashion trends, Caudrons said.

Many of the styles that DapperDans published were inspired by the style that it published.

“I think what we are really proud of is that the Dapadans style was not limited to just women, but was not just fashion,” Cattan said.

As Dapper, she believes that DapDanks was the first to focus on women in the industry.

As for the legacy of the brand’s namesake, Cattani said that her father was inspired by Dapper.

“He would always say, ‘I love fashion because fashion is the feminine thing,'” Cattin said, adding that her mother, who has lived in India, would also say, “I love to wear dresses because they are the feminine things.”

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