The 50s and 60s saw a massive surge in women’s fashion trends, and as we look back at the past few decades, what were some of the trends you missed? 

In the 50s, there was a lot of emphasis on the shape of women’s bodies and fashion was all about being thin.

It was a time of big bangs, the birth of the first mass-market fashion magazines and even the launch of women-only clothing. 

It’s been a bit of a slow recovery, but it’s only been five years since the last great peak.

In the 60s, fashion moved towards a more sophisticated aesthetic and the idea of an ‘ideal body’, with high-waisted skirts, skinny jeans and skinny trousers, seemed to be at the forefront.

In addition, fashion was more influenced by fashion magazines than the ads they appeared in. 

This meant that it was easier to get your hands on the latest trends and the look was more fashionable than ever. 

A few decades later, the 50’s are looking back on their decade as one of the decade’s greatest. 

At the peak of the era, there were three fashion trends that were very prominent: the supermodel, the model and the woman. 

In between the 1960s and 70s, a lot more people started to think of fashion as a female-dominated genre and the supermodels were the big break.

The women’s movement was also booming and a lot was made about women being ‘fierce’. 

In terms of the 60’s, the 70s and 80s, it was a different story.

While the super models were still around, the idea that women had to be very thin and very skinny was very common.

And there was an awareness that being thin was just as bad as being fat. 

There was also an emphasis on women not wearing too much clothing at a time when people were increasingly conscious of the dangers of excess. 

The 60s also saw a new generation of women entering the industry.

The 70s saw the birth and popularity of the body positive brand Stella McCartney.

This was followed by the 60 Minutes programme and then, of course, the 80s saw women’s body positivity campaigns and the release of the Body Image Foundation’s magazine Body Image: The New Female. 

Now, women are embracing their bodies and the 60/70s/80s are looking to the future.

There is an emphasis now on the body image of women in the 21st century, which is more than just being thin and being healthy. 

I think that the fashion industry has been incredibly successful in the past decade.

We have a fantastic body image industry and a great body of work.

The beauty industry is also flourishing and is doing quite well, with a number of very successful women designers. 

Women’s body image is also getting a lot better and more women are wearing the new-wave body positive clothes.

We also have a lot less skin-whitening products on the market, and it’s great to see brands like Jo Malone and Glamour and other leading brands that have become more body positive in recent years. 

What’s it like to be a 60s style icon?

 It seems like everything that I’ve ever done has been designed with my body in mind.

My style has always been a combination of old-fashioned, classic, contemporary and contemporary plus plus.

I have always had a strong sense of humour and I’ve always had to work very hard.

I was never one of those people who was afraid of anything.

I never felt the need to be too skinny, or too big, or anything of the sort. 

How much has your body changed? 

It has always made me very conscious of my size.

I’m a very muscular young woman and I have very tight abs, which means I have a tendency to bulk up when I walk.

When I was younger, my body was much more curvaceous, and I had a really tight ass. 

As I got older, I have had a bit more flexibility, so I’ve lost the weight that I had in my 30s.

My waistline has also shrunk a little bit and I am a bit smaller in height. 

My body has also changed, but the biggest change is that I have gained a lot in muscle. 

When I was a young woman, I was not so big.

I think I was really fat and I used to eat as much as I could, but I had to eat a lot.

My body was not very flexible and I would never wear clothes that were too tight. 

Do you wear a bra? 

I used to wear a dress, and that was probably a big reason why I didn’t fit in with the body-positive movement at the time.

I felt like a little slut and I hated that, so that was a big issue. 

Why did you get married in the 60ies?

I was very much into the

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