An Australian woman has been crowned Queen of the United Kingdom with the help of the country’s first Muslim prime minister.

Malaysian prime minister Najib Razak was named on Sunday as the first Muslim woman to lead the country, but he said he was not worried about a backlash from his Muslim community following the coronation.

“It’s not the first time I’ve been elected as a prime minister of Malaysia,” Najib said at a news conference.

“This is a country of diversity, and diversity is our strength.

So we are excited to see this day.”

He said he would keep the country safe from terrorists, and he pledged to increase the countrys commitment to religious freedom.

Ahead of the coronations, a number of world leaders had tweeted their support for the country.

But Najib’s mother was not in attendance, and his wife, a British citizen, was not.

His first wife, the late Margaret Thatcher, also wore a headscarf and was a supporter of the UK’s leave vote.

The Australian leader also won the backing of a group of leading British politicians including Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and Foreign Minister Boris Murphy.

The United States and Australia were both in the running to be the next prime minister after Najib.

But British Prime Minister Theresa May’s Conservatives were leading the polls, with their leader, May, a vocal supporter of Brexit and a former mother of four who has been critical of Islam.

May has repeatedly said the British vote to leave the EU, which triggered the U.K. referendum, should not be seen as a reflection of the U

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