You don’t have to be a girl to look like one.

This is because girls tend to have a natural inclination towards style, says Kristin Gulledge, a professor at Loyola University in New Orleans.

“If you look at women in this culture, they tend to wear clothes that are tailored to their bodies,” she says.

Gulledge is among the academics who argue that fashion can be influenced by the culture, which is why some girls in Western societies are dressed in high-fashion styles.

“A lot of girls in our culture look for fashion that is trendy, trendy, and you can’t have that,” she explains.

Golledge points out that the word ‘fashion’ has become so popular that it has taken on a connotation of “cool”, which can be an advantage when it comes to picking up a girl’s attention.

Golubina Gondik, a fashion expert at Lomonosov Moscow State University in Moscow, argues that girls are influenced by fashion because it’s what is accepted in society.

“What they’re most attracted to is a good fit,” she tells Al Jazeera.

“If they feel like they’re not fit, they’re more likely to want to be fit.”

Gollade also suggests that young women often do not take their clothes to a tailor, preferring to opt for mass-produced items.

“You see girls with a lot of accessories on,” she notes.

“They’re looking for a more minimal, simple style.

It’s about wearing what’s in the store.”

Gulling is quick to point out that fashion is also influenced by gender.

“Women, on average, dress more masculinely than men,” she points out.

“The fact that women are much more masculine, which can influence how you dress, makes a huge difference.”

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