Al Jazeera America’s female fashion critic Laura Guggenheim has been writing about fashion for the magazine since 2012, and this week she joins us for a roundtable discussion about the countrys female fashion industry.

The South African women’s fashion industry has traditionally been very conservative.

Many women, particularly in the South, choose to wear the country’s traditional headscarves, which are tied at the back with string.

The country also has no female professional leagues.

And in recent years, the country has seen a shift away from the traditional traditional South African male-dominated business model, which saw women’s apparel made from cotton, leather and wool.

Al Jazeera: The headscarf debate has come up for a long time, right?

And why is it important for us to have this conversation?

Laura Gugginheim: Yes, that’s exactly right.

I mean, the debate over the hijab has been around for a while now, and the debate about wearing the hijab is one that has been going on for years.

The reason why this is important for me is because I think that there is a disconnect between the actual fashion industry and what is going on in the rest of the world, because we don’t see any of the global fashion industry working with women, and there is no representation of women in fashion.

So, for example, there are no women at all working in the fashion industry in the US.

In fact, women are only 2.7% of the fashion workforce in the United States.

So, I think it’s important for people to know that this is an industry that is very, very male-focused, and so that people are aware of that, and that there are people of color and women who are also working in this industry.

I think, in the UK, the industry has also been very white.

It has been largely male-centric, which I think is important because it can be quite empowering for people who are questioning, or who are just trying to break through the barriers that we’ve created in our culture.

And I think for a lot of people, the fashion and fashion-making industry is still very white and male-oriented.

Al Jolson: I have heard the word “trendy” a lot in the news this week, and it has to do with fashion trends, and women’s trends.

What are some of the trends you hear being discussed in South Africa?

Laura Jolson : The trend that we are seeing is that in terms of fashion, in terms on fashion, we are still a very conservative, conservative, traditional, traditional South Africa.

And that has created this very distinct fashion scene.

There are lots of men in the industry, but also a lot more women, because, as you know, in South African society, the only way for women to enter the fashion world is through men.

So for the majority of South African men, they have not had the opportunity to be the first women to be in the business, because they are in the house, so they don’t have to go out into the street and do anything, and then they are just looking for a man to help them do their business.

So women have a lot to learn to be a successful woman in South Afrika, because the first thing they have to do is to be independent and take care of themselves.

Al Guggi: What are the trends that women are discussing in the West, like the rise of streetwear?

Laura: There are two main trends that are happening right now.

The first is streetwear.

We know that streetwear has been increasing in popularity in South America.

And so, for instance, the women’s clothing that’s made for women has been getting more attention in the Western world, like T-shirts, hoodies, pants, skirts, dresses, hooded tops, jackets, and hoodies.

But the men are seeing more of this, as well.

And, of course, the men have been wearing hoodies for years, and they are now starting to look more masculine.

So it’s not just women who have been able to wear hoodies or are wearing hooded dresses, but men as well, and we are starting to see men in streetwear starting to show off their more masculine sides.

Al Guggo: So is that a good thing?

Laura Jolson (in the background): Yes.

It’s really important, because I’m not sure if there are enough women in the streetwear industry, or if they can make the transition to being a fashion designer.

And it’s just such a huge industry in South Africans.

We need to do a better job of educating women about the different facets of fashion.

Al Niedzwiecki: I think this is a really good question, because there are a lot men who do not want to be considered a fashion artist, because that’s a masculine,

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