A new challenge to the way we pronounce words like ‘gay’, ‘gaydar’, and ‘gay-dar’ is about to hit the UK.

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has published a new video clip that features an interviewee explaining how she has been ‘confronted’ by people at work who have been questioning her sexual orientation.

The BBC’s report, titled ‘Gender: The Next Frontier’, also features an example of a female doctor’s reaction to a patient’s ‘unwelcome’ questions about her sexual identity.

But the clip also features a woman who describes her own experience of being ‘outed’ as a ‘bizarre incident’ by her employer.

The new clip, entitled ‘Gender’ has been released ahead of a special BBC2 broadcast of the Doctor Who show, which airs on Friday, March 2 at 11:30pm on BBC1.

‘Gender is a gender that is the intersection of gender and sexuality,’ said producer Laura Smith, who worked on the documentary alongside producer Alex Stokes.

‘We have been asked to be more sensitive to what’s happening in the workplace and the public sphere.’

Dr Smith explained that the issue has become particularly acute for female doctors as the topic of ‘gender equality’ has become more relevant.

‘I feel like we are in the middle of a very big shift.

We have moved from a society where we were the last people in society to be able to say what we wanted to say about ourselves to where now we’re just starting to see a lot of other people doing the same,’ Dr Smith said.

‘The gender question has become so relevant to a lot people.’

Dr Stokes, who said that she has felt ‘uncomfortable’ at work because of the ‘gay and lesbian’ label, added: ‘The more people are talking about gender equality and the way women are seen, the more they are going to say ‘what’s wrong with me, what is wrong with my life?”

It’s not just about saying you’re gay or lesbian, it’s about saying how you are treated and treated differently.’

The new BBC2 episode of Doctor Who airs on Thursday, March 3 at 11pm.

‘This is a big shift for women and we’ve got to make it as accessible as possible,’ Dr Stoke added.

‘It’s a great opportunity to be a part of this story.’

The Doctor Who series finale airs on Saturday, March 5 on BBC One at 9:00pm.

The episode features a clip from the new documentary about a transgender woman who has been discriminated against at work.

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