A modern-era mullet has evolved into a fashionable accessory for women, and its designers have created a variety of styles for women of different backgrounds.

In an interview with CBC Radio’s Power & Politics, fashion designer Anita Nastase said the mullet was “designed to reflect and reflect on different aspects of women.”

In an article published on the fashion website Moda, designer Rebecca D’Angelo described the original style as “feminine, but also masculine.”

“The mullet is a statement of what you are as a woman,” she said.

“It’s a statement to say ‘I’m a woman’ and to say, ‘I love you.’

And then to be able to pull that off and have a fashion statement is something that I think is a very, very important part of being a woman.”

Nastases Mullet article on Moda says that the original design was inspired by the “classic, beautiful French-made Mullet.”

“It was made from the same materials as the original Mullet,” the designer said.

The designers created a collection of eight different mullets, including a black version and a white one.

They also added two versions of a white version.

The white Mullet was designed to reflect the French tradition of wearing a Mullet with a black face.

It has a simple black headband and a lace collar with a lace trim.

The black Mullet has a longer, pointed tail and black stripes.

It was designed for women who wanted a feminine and elegant silhouette.

Nastas Mullet website A black version of the Mullet is now available on Modo.

The designer said she designed the black Mullets because she thought “that if we had a black Mulle, then it would be more comfortable, and it would have a more modern look.”

A white version of Mullet that is also available on the Modo website is a little more traditional.

It features a slightly larger headband, a black lace collar, and black lace trim on the collar.

It is available for $130.

The Mullet dress was inspired after the original black Mullett, which was designed by a fashion designer named Jean Claude Bemelmans in 1891.

In 1896, Bemels Mullet created the first Mullet for women to wear in the Parisian fashion scene.

According to Nastased, it was designed “for women to express their femininity and to express a kind of individuality in their style.”

It has an overall design that was inspired to be a “symbol of femininity.”

The designers of the black and white Mullets have said that it was not meant to be the standard.

“We were never intending it to be one thing, because we wanted to make a statement, to make it a statement that women should not be afraid of dressing up as mullets,” said Nastasing.

“But it is the modern way to express femininity.

It’s very fashionable, and we want it to represent us as women.”

Moda designer Rebecca Nastasa says that “it’s a bit of a trend,” and that there is a “growing interest in what a mulle is.”

According to a fashion website called Moda Style, the Mulle is “a beautiful and versatile accessory for any style of women, whether you are dressing up for the fashion show, for the office, or for your everyday style.”

According the website, Mullets are “designed for the modern woman in a world of modernity, where every day women are always trying to express themselves through the different styles and ways of being, and they always find themselves in the most interesting and fun situations.”

Nostases Mulle article on MODA Style says that Mullets “are often used to dress up the womanly qualities in the body, and are an easy way to make women more confident, fashionable, feminine, and confident in their looks.”

The Mulle has a “plastic, lace neckline, and an adjustable waistband.”

It comes in four different styles: a black, a white, a brown, and a red.

According the Moda website, the designers are hoping to sell around 5,000 Mullets a year, which would make the Mulles number one seller in the Mullette industry.

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