Female fashion influencer Amanda Palmer is back to tell us how she dress for her 20th birthday in 2018.

The 28-year-old fashion influenzent from the UK is currently celebrating with her friends and family and has a lot of advice for you when it comes to dressing up for your own 20th!

Check out her tips below:1.

Keep it simple!

Palmer has said that “when it comes down to it, I think a good dress for me is a basic dress and it can’t be a dress that is a bit too sexy or too much to get in the way of my everyday life.”

So, she has made a few alterations to her classic dress to create the look of a “normal day to day” look.

She opted for a black dress with white highlights, which she says she loves, and a simple white shirt with the same colours on it, and then a black top with a pair of matching shorts.

“I just don’t need to do anything special with it, so it’s a simple dress that can be done on a daily basis,” she explained.2.

Dress for the season!

“I have a bit of a summer look going on at the moment and I am super excited about it, which is good because I do love to dress down, but also just for a bit and look good in a few weeks’ time.

I am just excited to go for a few days in a bit, and to have something that I can wear in a couple of weeks’ end.”

Palmer said she has always loved the look and the style of “wintery dresses” which she loves to wear, and that she is excited to try out some more “summery” styles with her new look.

“The summery look is really fun and I love wearing it because it’s just so warm and warm and summery and it just keeps me feeling really fresh and vibrant and relaxed,” she said.3.

Avoid the trendy trend!

If you want to go with a more formal look, “you just want to be careful that you’re not going to be looking too formal and too flashy or you’ll look like a fashion snob.”

“The thing about a dress is that you can always have it dress up for different occasions, and if you are going to do it for an event or something like that, you just need to try and avoid it,” she added.4.

Don’t wear it to school.

“As a young woman, I didn’t really know what was fashionable, so I didn “go out” with it because I was a girl,” Palmer explained.

“But as you get older and you see the way fashion is changing, you realise you can dress up in it and have it look like it’s been worn in a school or a shop and you can wear it as you go about your day, and it’s definitely something that you should think about.”5. Don

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