In a recent interview with Esquire magazine, a designer and model named Elizabeth Leverenes, was asked if she had ever had sex. 

“Yes,” she said, adding: “I did.

But I didn’t do it on purpose.”

The designer, who has been working for fashion houses including Burberry, Calvin Klein, and Chanel, said she was attracted to the man she met online. 

Leverenez, who said she started dating the man when he was 19, told the magazine: “He was beautiful, he was really young. 

He had beautiful brown hair, and he had these long eyelashes, and I thought he was going to be a model, and we were going to go to LA and hang out and just go to the party, but we ended up having sex.”

She told the publication that the man, who was a model for the fashion house’s sister label, had asked her out for a night out in his apartment. 

However, the model said, the man did not want to be the only person in the room, so she asked him to take a shower with her. 

According to the magazine, the pair ended up going to a nightclub in Los Angeles, where she said she had her first kiss.

She told Esquire: “The next thing I knew, he had me in his hotel room. 

I felt so vulnerable, I felt so weird, I didn

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