The era of fashion shows was very much a women-focused one, with a number of notable women artists appearing at the show. 

There were many notable female artists who made their mark on fashion in this era, from Mary Lou and Gertrude Stein to Marie Antoinette and Annie Leibovitz.

There were also many more notable women who made a mark in the fashion world during the 1910s, as well as in other areas. 

In the 1920s, a number in the United States became famous for their fashion. 

First, there was Miss America, who was the first woman to win the title.

Then there was Mrs. Bessie Jones, who had her own fashion show in New York City.

Finally, there were the stars of the show, like Florence Welch, Helen Mirren, and Gilda Radner. 

Fashion designer Marie Antony is known for her couture creations in Paris, which included dresses for both women and men.

She also made a few more dresses in her own time, and her couturier, Joachim Wiesenfeld, made a number for women.

In addition, fashion designer Josephine Baker was also a designer of women’s clothing, and she was famous for her “Darling of Paris” collection. 

But there were other notable fashion designers and fashion designers who had their own fashion shows, too.

For example, there’s a very well-known Madonna, who appeared in her first couture show at the age of 17, in 1915. 

Mademoiselle L’Oreal is famous for creating the first ever women’s perfume in 1930, and it’s known as the “Fashionable Rose of Paris”. 

In addition, there are many other famous women who participated in fashion shows during the 1920’s.

For instance, there was Marilyn Monroe, who worked as a model in the 1920 and 1930s.

She was also known for the Cupcake, which she created in the 1930s, and was a famous fashion designer at the time. 

A number of famous women also participated in couture shows during this time.

For a more complete list of famous fashion designers, check out this article.

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