Which woman are you, female or male?

The Hindu – The woman’s role in the home and the role of her children is crucial to the overall health of the family, says a professor of human rights and development studies at New Delhi University.

According to Dr. Nilesh Gupta, “Women are not being seen as leaders in the family as they should be, and we are trying to change that.”

Dr. Gupta’s research, published in the New Journal of Psychology, was based on the work of more than 60,000 couples, both married and unmarried.

They all completed a survey, which showed a clear divide between women and men on the importance of their gender role.

“Women who felt more valued and wanted more involvement in the life of their family and children were more likely to feel comfortable having a woman as the mother,” said Dr. Jitendra Saha, who co-authored the paper.

“The relationship between motherhood and gender roles was not linear.”

Dr Gupta is a research fellow at the Centre for Advanced Study of Gender and Development in New Delhi.

“I wanted to explore how the way women interact with the family impacts their gender identity,” said the researcher, adding that his research was based in large part on interviews conducted with couples, and is based on data from the National Sample Survey on Child Development (NSSCD).

The survey, conducted by the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, in 2017-18, is conducted every two years.

It has a sample size of 1,000 people.

“It was interesting to see the level of engagement with family in the survey,” Dr. Saha said.

“We found that while most women felt they had to work harder to get the child into the home, a significant number felt that they had more power in the household.

They also felt they needed more time to be with their children.”

Dr Saha added that “there were many instances of women’s roles and gender expression being misunderstood, which makes it difficult for them to navigate the complexities of parenting.”

In one instance, the survey found that women who said they had “very little” interaction with their parents were more willing to spend time with their sons than those who said that they spent “quite a lot.”

Dr Nileshi, however, said that the survey showed that the gender gap was not about how much time women spend with their husbands, but about the gender role that women play in the marriage.

“What matters is that the child grows up in a home where they have a partner, and that partner is also a man,” she said.

This is because the study showed that “a strong woman’s gender role and her role in her family are the primary factors that help women to balance out their needs,” she added.

“As a result, a strong woman is often seen as the primary breadwinner, while a strong man is viewed as the breadwinner.”

In fact, the authors found that “even though women were not showing greater engagement in the social interactions, they were also more likely than men to report that they felt more pressure to stay in the house or work more hours in order to meet their responsibilities.”

Dr Gaurav Kaur, a researcher at the Center for Advanced Research of Gender, Development and Social Policy, in New York City, also cited the NSSCD survey.

“There is no one-size-fits-all model of motherhood, but what is important is that women have a role that is both meaningful and positive,” he said.

Dr. Kaur added that a woman’s own needs in the relationship, including what she does for her children, can also influence how she responds to the child’s needs.

“When you are the one in charge, you have to be ready for what is going to happen.

You cannot be waiting for something to happen and expect it to happen,” he added.

In the United States, the gender wage gap has been estimated to be $1,600 per year for women.

“While the gender pay gap is a very important issue for women, for the most part, we have not seen a concerted effort by policymakers to address it,” Dr Sama said.

But that is changing, with the government recently introducing a $15 minimum wage.

In a statement, Dr. Dattaturajan Raju, the President of the National Council of Women, said, “The study shows that gender equality is not only a human right but also a human imperative.”

“The key to women’s equality is to be aware of their personal and collective expectations of their role in a family, and to support them by helping them to build a healthy family and a sense of purpose,” he continued.

Female hip-hop fashion star’s hairstyle makes her a pop culture icon

The fashion icon of a decade.

The female hip-hopper.

The queen of a genre.

It’s a long list of female icons, but none have been quite as influential as a woman in her 20s who has emerged as a global icon.

The young women of South Africa have a story to tell.

The women who created the genre are still making waves in fashion and the music industry, and they’re often lauded for their creative talents and talent on stage.

While there’s no shortage of celebrities who have made their mark in fashion, none have had the same impact on women in their 20s as Mariah Carey, the pop star of The Mamas and the Papas, the women’s rock band who inspired the hit song “The Way I Am.”

The first-ever South African winner of the MTV VMA’s Outstanding Performance by a Female Artist award, Carey became a household name in South Africa, where she has become the country’s biggest-selling female singer.

Her success helped propel her to a top five position on the countrys biggest music charts and propelled her to the No. 1 spot on the US Billboard 200 chart.

Carey is an American, and her success in South African music is a huge deal.

The singer is considered a global superstar, having sold over 30 million albums and counting, and she’s earned a reputation as one of the best musicians of her generation.

In 2014, Carey released a video for the hit track “I Will Survive,” which features a shot of her with a big smile and a smiley face.

The song has been streamed more than 6 billion times on YouTube and has been played on South African television and radio stations since it was released.

A new generation of women in South Afrika has been given a platform to share their experiences and their stories in a way that is never before seen.

Carey has been a global celebrity since the song’s release, and has appeared on a variety of television programs, including “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” and “The Tonight Show.”

In 2017, she was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Carey also created the “The Mamas & the Papa Show” music show, which was broadcast on the BBC, and also co-founded the South African National Fashion Awards.

In the wake of Carey’s rise to the top of the music charts, the music world has been filled with a slew of female rappers and singers.

Mariah is one of a few artists who has been the main attraction in the music scene.

Carey’s success in music is no surprise, but what makes her the next big thing is the way she has embraced her new role as a cultural icon, even if that means making her own way in the world.

What started as a little-known fashion trend in South America has become a global phenomenon, but the South Africans have taken a bold step to embrace their own culture.

Marias first name is a nod to her family name, and the first words she said when she entered the music business was, “I want to be a rapper.”

Carey’s style is a combination of the hip hop and Afro-American styles, which are considered mainstream.

She’s also very much a feminist icon, and while she is not the first female to take on the fashion world, she is certainly the most famous.

In 2017, Carey appeared on the cover of Vogue.

Her appearance came as a surprise to many in the media.

While most media outlets had been reporting that Carey was one of many women to receive the coveted cover, the reality was that Carey and her husband, Nicky, had signed the deal months in advance and were in the midst of an extravagant wedding party for their daughter.

Carey was so excited about getting the cover that she told Vogue editor in chief, Lise Meitner, that she was so proud to be on the covers of V, Elle and Vogue magazine.

The article in Vogue said, “Mariah Carey was thrilled to be featured on Vogue’s cover with her husband Nicky on the other side of the globe.”

It’s not the only time Carey has gotten a cover, but it’s the first time she has done it in front of the world, and it was an incredible moment for her.

The fashion industry has been flooded with stories about Carey’s life, and many women in the industry have expressed their gratitude for her support.

Carey is a woman who has lived life on her own terms and has created a life for herself.

She has always been a part of the culture, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

But there’s one thing that’s also not being acknowledged.

She was a young woman, and that’s not an easy thing for a young girl to be.

Carey, who is now 30 years old, said that she didn

How women wore in 1800s fashion

A look back at the women who were the fashion experts in 1800’s America.1.

Elizabeth Taylor: The Queen of Pop The Queen Elizabeth was the most popular female fashion icon of the Victorian era.

In her prime, she was one of the most accomplished fashion designers of her time.

She wore very little makeup and wore a high-waisted, wide-legged style that she called “lady-like.”

Her look was very popular, and she was the first female designer to design a full-length gown.2.

Alice Cooper: The Country Singer In the early 1900s, Alice Cooper was the singer, songwriter, and fashion icon for the United States.

He also wrote songs like “I Am a Rock Star,” “Bunny, I’m Your Rock,” and “Sweetheart of Mine.”3.

Grace Jones: The Beauty Queen The “Queen of the Ballet” was the highest-paid female fashion designer of her era.

She was well-known for her high-necked, high-low, and pin-striped gowns.4.

Adele: The Star of the Night She wore her hair in a ponytail and a long, curly wig, but she also wore a simple, high collar dress with a waistcoat and a skirt.5.

Florence Henderson: The Countess of Windsor The Countesses of Windsor, known as the “Crown of England,” were a royal family that ruled England for over 200 years.

The Counts had a long-standing rivalry with the Duke of Wellington and often competed in the Battle of Waterloo.6.

Gertrude Stein: The Duchess of Parma She wore a low-cut, pleated skirt and a white satin jacket over her high, long-sleeved gown.7.

Helen Keller: The Singer Helen Keller was the famous artist and author who wrote songs about love and love affairs.

Her first album was titled “Love Songs for a Lover.”8.

Gloria Steinem: The Feminist The legendary feminist and feminist activist wrote that it was “not the gender that matters” and that feminism was a way to “build a world that respects everyone.”9.

Kate Moss: The Actress She played Marla Singer on the television series The West Wing.

She also played the wife of actor Sean Penn in the movies Inception and The King of Comedy.10.

Jean Harlow: The Fashion Designer and Icon She was the founder of Harlow and Harlow, a fashion house and designer duo in New York City.

She collaborated with Alexander McQueen and was known for her “faux couture” look, which featured colorful dresses, low-key accessories, and bright colors.11.

Julie Andrews: The Jazz Singer Andrews was an influential singer, poet, and composer who also wrote poetry.

Her lyrics included “We shall never die/That was all I had/A dream that I could hold.”12.

Vivienne Westwood: The Designer Westwood was one the most influential women of the 19th century.

She is best known for creating the first full-fledged gown, a “high-waist, wide bodied dress” that she dubbed “the most expensive dress ever made.”13.

Victoria Beckham: The Footballer Beckham was the soccer star and English footballer who won the World Cup in 2002 and 2003.

He was known as one of America’s greatest soccer players and was also known for his glamorous lifestyle.14.

Barbara Walters: The Glamour Model Walters, who also worked as a model and actress, had an iconic look that featured short, strappy dresses with long, high, and high-cut skirts.15.

Mary Pickford: The American Actress Pickford starred in films like The Young Woman and A View to a Kill and was one.

She won a Golden Globe Award in 1947 for her portrayal of a beautiful, intelligent woman in the film The Lady Vanishes.16.

Elizabeth Strachey: The Model Stracheys career was legendary and she is known for wearing high-end, high necked dresses.17.

Elizabeth Gaskell: The Comedian Gaskell was a comedic genius and host on the CBS television show The Gaskells.

She had a career that included roles in The Beverly Hillbillies and The West Side Story.18.

Betty Friedan: The Author, Founder, and Journalist Friedan was a woman of color who was known in the 1960s for her books on race, feminism, and the environment.19.

Nancy Sinatra: The Rapper Sinatra was known throughout the world for his hits, including “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction,” “It Takes Two,” “I’ll Never Become Famous,” “You’re the One,” and the iconic song “Can’t Help Falling in Love.”20.

Lili Reinhart: The Physician and Therapist Reinhart is known as a pioneer in the field of sports medicine and

The 1970s Fashion Feminist: The Women of the 70s

By now, many of us have heard the word “fashion”.

And perhaps most of us know the names of some of the people who made it popular: Gloria Steinem, Betty Friedan, Betty Budnick, Elizabeth Gilbert, Nancy Lea, and Diane von Furstenberg. 

It’s also fair to say that the name of the movement was chosen by those who chose it.

As a fashion historian, I can tell you that in 1970, the first year of the Women’s Liberation Movement, women were considered the most oppressed group in the world, according to an American Council on Education study.

And for good reason.

The “real” problem was that women were expected to wear clothes, and that’s not what the world was supposed to look like.

It was supposed, from the beginning, to be a world where everyone was equal and everyone could get along with everyone else.

And it was, of course, that world that we lived in.

But it wasn’t until a few years later that women could be expected to have their own clothing styles. 

For example, in 1970 the average woman in the United States had to buy $2,000 worth of clothing in order to look fashionable.

It’s no wonder that the world looks so different now.

Today, however, there are women who are making a very different choice.

In my last column, I noted that there are some fashion trends that are actually a response to social issues.

For example: Women are buying more dresses, hats, skirts, and more accessories than ever before.

I also noted that women are now dressing for the weather and not for the occasion.

These trends are not really about gender, but rather about a growing desire to fit in and feel more accepted in society.

I want to emphasize that this is not a new phenomenon, and it isn’t just the way that women wear their hair now.

It’s happening to men as well.

When women get together to discuss these issues, it’s not just about fashion, it is about how to live our lives.

For many, it means going out to clubs, going out for brunch, and going to a movie with friends.

These are just a few examples of how women are choosing to live their lives more authentically.

There are many, many other trends that have been growing at an unprecedented rate in the last decade, and I can’t even begin to list them all here.

But today, we are in the midst of a new generation of feminists who are saying that this movement of the 1960s was a good thing, and the way we are living our lives now will be better for it.

We need to be talking about these trends because they are not simply about fashion.

They are about the way women are living their lives today.

They aren’t just about the fashion of the 1970s.

They’re about the women who came before us.

We are living in a time when women can choose to be themselves and feel safe.

We can choose the clothes we wear and the clothes that we wear, but we also need to choose how we live our relationships and how we work with others.

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Vintage clothing from the 1800s and 1900s

The fashion show ladies are back with a look at vintage clothing from around the world.

These pieces are some of the coolest and most original pieces of clothing we have ever seen.

From the 18th century, to the early 20th century and beyond, these pieces have been worn and loved by millions of people.

We’ll talk about some of our favorite pieces, including the first time we saw a pair of ladies’ shoes on a show floor.

Read more from Polygon.

Female professor in Dublin fashion sketch

Female professors at a university in Dublin are in a fashion sketch after being featured in a magazine article.

Female professors at an Irish university have been featured in an Irish magazine article which says female professors are not a rarity in the sciences.

They are not even on the top 10 most influential female scientists in the world according to a survey by the Association for Women in Science.

They also don’t get a seat at the top tables of the Nobel Prizes, according to the same survey.

But they do have their work cut out for them.

They must compete with men and women who make up the best-paid scientists in society and the most successful female scientists.

They have to go toe-to-toe with scientists who have a lot of money.

Female scientists also must face competition from a male-dominated field of science called chemistry, according the report.

They don’t even get a sit-down with Nobel Prize winners.

The female scientists who appeared in the magazine have made it to the front pages of major newspapers in the United States and in Canada, but not in Ireland.

Some of the women are working on the next big breakthroughs in technology, while others are focusing on getting ahead of the competition.

Female faculty at the University of Strabane are also featured in the article.

The article was written by Professor Mary O’Connor and was published in the journal Science magazine in December.

It also featured a female researcher named Heather McCauley, who works in the laboratory of Professor Mary Collins, who has also been at the university for almost 30 years.

The title of the article said: “The female professor who has changed the way the world looks at the world”.

The article has been shared thousands of times on Facebook and Twitter.

Online Editors

Why Renaissance Fashion Female Is Coming Back

Renais Futurist Fashion Designer Renaise Hethel has been working on futuristic fashion fashion for a decade now, starting in 2011 with her first couture collection for J. Crew.

She’s since worked with fashion houses like H&M, Calvin Klein, and Valentino, as well as with a variety of other fashion houses, and now is branching out into futuristic fashion.

The futuristic fashion that Hethelf will create for the women of tomorrow will be the first time in the fashion world that the designer has focused on fashion, specifically futuristic fashion, she said.

Futurism is “the way forward in fashion right now,” Hether said.

She believes this will lead to a more sustainable future for women’s fashion, and a more inclusive future for men, as fashion becomes increasingly more diverse and open to the fashion industry.

The fashion industry is also beginning to diversify in the 21st century, and this shift will continue to increase diversity and inclusion, Hethers said.

With the right support, Hetshel said she believes that the women’s wear industry can continue to grow and thrive in a way that will ultimately benefit the fashion community.

“I believe this will create a better world for women and the men who wear it, so I think it’s a really exciting time for us to see the new vision for the future,” Hetshelf said.

The designers hope to continue to create new pieces in this field as well.

Shelf said the design process for her collection is very collaborative and she said she is not just creating the designs for herself.

The collection will be created in collaboration with H&M, which will be collaborating with Hetherelf in the design of the garments.

The couture fashion will be produced in H&am’s New York headquarters.

The designs for the couture garments are expected to be ready for retail in early 2018.

Hetsher is also working on the design for the futuristic fashion line, which is being created by her fashion studio, H&amps Modern Design.

She hopes to be able to create more futuristic clothing in the future.

Hetheylf’s futuristic fashion will debut at New York Fashion Week this week.

This is the first step towards a sustainable future in fashion, Hettels future as she prepares to launch a new line of futuristic fashion in 2019.

“When I was a kid I was obsessed with fashion, because I was always into the new trends,” Hetthelf told the Crypto Coins news site.

“In my 20s, I realized that the trendiest clothing was usually a little bit more conservative than the fashion trends.

But with this collection, I want to be more progressive in the direction that I want the fashion to go.”

Hetsherelf said she’s proud to have been given this opportunity to continue her journey in the futuristic world.

She is hoping that her work will be influential for the next generation of designers and designers who are inspired by fashion, rather than by the trendiness.

“It’s important that we can help each other grow and innovate,” she said, “because this is not about what I think is fashionable or what I’m comfortable with, it’s about what we want to wear.”

She added that it’s important for designers to start thinking outside the box, rather then just following trends and trends.

“We want to create something new and different, and I want my clothing to reflect that,” Hetchher said, adding that she believes this is the way forward for the fashion sector.

Hettherelf is working on a new collection of fashion that will debut in 2019, which she hopes will help inspire a new generation of creative designers.

“Renaissance Futurists’ mission is to help inspire women to wear what they want to and create beautiful, sustainable, and beautiful clothing,” she added.

She explained that her mission is inspired by the “pivotal role women play in the creation of our culture.”

For example, she noted that the fashion of the 20th century had a “very gender-based aesthetic.”

In order to help women have more choices in fashion and be more inclusive, she hopes that fashion will eventually be more reflective of what women want.

“For me, it is about creating beautiful, vibrant, and functional clothing that is not gender-specific,” Hetzhel said.

“The new trend, the new trend that’s emerging, and the new design trend are all part of that.

The current trend, or the current design trend, is about the way to look at fashion and what women have to wear.

Fashion is about a person, it isn’t about the style.”

Hethellf said she has a vision for her future, and she hopes to continue pushing the boundaries of futuristic design, in order to create beautiful and sustainable clothing that reflects the women that wear it.

“Fashion is really important for me to think about how we design it, because it is

How to fashion for the female 2000, 1900s fashion

Female 2000s Fashion: A Fashion History of Fashion From the Late 1950s through the 1960s, from the Paris fashion and design scene to the contemporary women’s fashion movement, this is a fascinating and interesting read.

The author, Jessica C. Miller, is a fashion historian who studied fashion in Japan and has published on fashion trends in the US. 

The book tells a story of fashion, technology and politics through the story of women who dressed as the male models in the 1920s and 1930s, then moved on to fashion trends of the 1960’s and 70’s. 

Miller has spent the last few years studying fashion in the 1980s, when the fashion and technology industry was changing and she noticed that the female models and designers in those times were also changing. 

“Women’s fashion and fashion trends were changing very fast,” Miller told News24. 

In the 1980’s, women had been fighting to be recognized for their work in fashion, but it was a struggle. 

And so they looked for ways to have their voices heard, and they found fashion to be a safe space. 

Women were the ones who were being paid to wear their hair long and wearing makeup. 

It was a safe environment to be seen wearing a dress and it was something to do in a way that was considered normal. 

There was no expectation of men wearing dresses. 

They were not objectified or looked down on. 

Even though it was not normal, women were allowed to wear the dress they wanted to wear.

We needed to make it acceptable for them to wear what they wanted and that was a way for us to show them that it was okay to do that.” “

[It was] a way to show that women were not second-class citizens, that they could wear whatever they wanted, and that they were not going to be treated like second-rate citizens. 

We needed to make it acceptable for them to wear what they wanted and that was a way for us to show them that it was okay to do that.” 

“We wanted women to be celebrated, and it also felt like a celebration that women could do what they liked,” Miller said. 

What Miller found was that women started to be able to wear anything, but the dress had to be very short and had to have a very high collar. 

As a result, the industry was moving away from formal dress. 

That led to the introduction of the miniskirt and the shorter skirt in the 1950s. 

Today, the miniskirt and short skirts are worn in a range of styles, from casual to formal and from a range in style to a range from a very conservative to a very fashionable dress.

The author’s book is also an entertaining read. 

One of the reasons it is so interesting is because the author talks about the time period and the women in the industry. 

She goes into great detail about how fashion in its heyday was very much a “glamour industry,” but in the 80s, it was very different, Miller said, and fashion was very, very conservative. 

If you look at the fashion that was on display, Miller says, it had to do with “the masculine aesthetic and the masculine ideal.” 

It is also interesting that, in the 70s, women’s clothes were considered “pink” and that, at the time, was considered to be “girlish.” 

Miller also talks about how women were able to be successful at the top of the fashion industry, but not as successful as men. 

This is an interesting point. 

You see a lot of women in history who are famous for their looks and success, but men, Miller told me, “were not given the opportunity to be as successful.” 

The author goes on to say that in order for women to have any success, they had to break through the “pig-hole.” 

This was a term used in the late 1970s and early 80s to describe a narrow set of women’s ideals, and the author says this was one of the main reasons why so many women were left out of the top jobs. 

After a certain point, if you had to make an offer, there was only one person you were going to take, the author said.

Women had to get out of that box, and not be able, Miller noted. 

For example, women did not have the same opportunity to have careers that were successful and successful, Miller explained. 

But she also added that there were other types of women, like “feminine” women, who were able and who had the power to be respected.

Miller says the main reason for the “gothic” image of women is that it has always existed. 

Gothic was “the word that was used to describe women who were very feminine and who were extremely stylish,” Miller explained to News24 in an interview. 

I was talking to

A new goth girl, a new goths fashion trend and a new genre of ‘cool’

GOTHFEMALE FORCED BY ANOTHER: It was a bit of a shock when I was asked to join the staff of the goth magazine Glamour.

For me, the goths had always been a small subculture, a small but vocal minority that was in the spotlight at any given time, but they were so much more than that.

They were a fashion magazine that could write about them, as well as a magazine that offered an array of looks, from the stylish and fashionable to the more subdued and casual.

And this new generation of goths was about to take over that space with their own, different brand of fashion.

The magazine had already started to experiment with new look and style in 2017, and the gents, especially the young ones, had been pushing the boundaries of what was considered fashion in the past.

In the years since I was hired, I’ve witnessed the evolution of the fashion and beauty industry in America.

It’s now so much bigger than the gutter, and more than just a fashion show.

As Glamorous staff members have moved from a handful of photographers, editors and writers to more and more professional, well-funded photographers, fashion designers and stylists, a whole new generation has emerged that looks to goth as a way to express themselves and explore their personal style.

And while many of these people are goths themselves, the word has spread quickly in the gilded circles of Hollywood, with many goths now finding themselves on the front lines of the cultural conversation.

GOTHY MOMENT: GOTH FANS HAVE HAD THE RIGHT OF INTEREST IN DANCING AND BEING GOTH This new generation is so connected to their culture and community that they feel like they are a part of the fabric of the community.

This is the perfect time to start a new line of goth clothing, which Glamor has done with the popular line Glamore.

“This is my chance to create a brand of gourmet and casual fashion that’s the right mix of all my goth fans,” says designer and editor Rebecca Rittenhouse, who’s been in the fashion business for the past seven years.

Rittenhouses daughter, who goes by the stage name of Emily, also shares a similar passion for goth, and is also in charge of the line.

“My mom is always on point when it comes to telling me what she thinks about something, and we always get along well,” says Emily.

“We’re both super passionate about our work and want to make our brand better.”

It’s also been a pleasure to collaborate with Glamoria’s own editor, Nicole, who brings a wealth of experience in the industry, having worked as a stylist, editor and photographer at Glamoretique and Glamo.

“I’ve loved the girth and the way that these designers and fashion photographers have so much fun, which I think makes it a great time to collaborate,” says Nicole.

And although the new line is still in its infancy, there’s already been a lot of interest from people across the country.

“A lot of the girls who come to us and tell us that they are goth are very passionate about it, and they are just so into it,” says Rittenharess daughter.

Glamored women are not just goths, they are also the hottest trend in fashion right now, and that’s something that will only continue to expand.

“There is definitely a new generation emerging that are into goth and have never been before, but have always wanted to do it,” Rittenharms daughter says.

“And the gothy mom is really good at keeping us up to date on all the latest trends and styles.”

The Glamours new line will be available through the website gothfemales.com, where they will be selling a selection of gents dresses, goth hats, and other accessories, aswell as their own goth fashion line.

GOMORETTE GOTH FAMILY: FEMALE FASHION IS GOTH AND FASHIONS IS ATHLETIC In a time when the media is more obsessed with celebrities and sports than fashion, goths are more than ready to embrace the spotlight and take the spotlight with them.

But the gits are not the only ones who are taking notice of the trends.

Fashion photographer and fashion writer Lauren Dutton, who lives in NYC, recently launched her own goths collection on Instagram, with the hashtag #gothfashion.

Her goal is to create an accessible collection for women to express their individuality, to be themselves, and to take the time to explore new styles.

“If I wanted to have a goth baby, I would want to have it as my first baby,” she says.

Dutton says she wanted to create the perfect collection for the first time, which is why she wanted a

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